Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28, 2011

hey yall!!! I love missionary work!!! Its official! one of your questions mom, was about the family we are teaching. Well story time. They are the Rogers. We found them a couple months ago, taught them, one daughter was interested. Well last week the daughter and 2 of her sisters came to church, we went to see them after church, talked with her mom and went through our "stop smoking program with her. They are an awesome family of like 10. any ways, last night we went to see them and only Sarah the mom was there. We talked with her for a while, had a great lesson, then she started to tell us that she was "8 days" clean, and she broke down into tears and was just thanking us and thanking God. It was incredible, I shed a tear or two (shh) haha It was one of those "that's why I'm here" moments. answers to your questions: 1) Do you still ride your bikes as much?? we ride quite a bit, when it isn't raining. 2) Your weather looks a lot warmer, has it been nice? The weather has been pretty good. It got up to 82 the other day, but it has been raining the last few. 3) Tell me all about your investigators? the family you are teaching (see above story) haha 4) Still eating yogurt and banana for breakfast? Not anymore, we don't have any yogurt or bananas 5) Did you and elder Adams get my package? we got the package, thank you very much, the cookies had broken open though and exploded when we opened the package haha 6) Are you reading Jesus the Christ, and did you like the Italian leather?? I thought it was beautiful. I loved it, everyone that has seen it has told me that they only make those for employees of the church and it is like impossible to get one. 7) Do you still exercise as much as you did with elder Boice.. how are you feeling? Not a whole lot, I got really sick this week, and they are telling me I have TMJ so ya that isn't good. I'm supposed to ask you for our dental insurance card, so that i can go see a dentist. 8) When are transfers?? Do you think you will hang around Blytheville a little longer? You are doing such a good job! we are all pretty sure I am out of Blytheville, pretty bittersweet feeling, get to see something new finally, but I will miss it and the people a lot. so I gotta run, we are up in Jonesboro, with Boice and Bradshaw. we are going to play some hoops, and risk!! oh and dad! i got to play 9 this morning, I shot like 5 over, wasn't too great haha i love you guys!! love elder nelson

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