Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7, 2011


Alright, this week was pretty good. Most of our dates dropped, but it is all good. We have a baptism for Jessie Ottinger this weekend, (he asked me to perform the ordinance!!! (:) we are pumped, and I guess he has been telling everyone he knows at work and everything about it. Sister Ottinger says he doesn't talk about anything else haha it is going to be sweet!

We also went up to Caruthersville, we set a date with a girl named Veronica, her mom and sister were baptized in Memphis a couple months ago and she said she wanted to do it too, so she is getting baptized on the 19th! and she is pumped as well. She called the missionaries down in Memphis to let them know and they said she was pumped, so the next couple weeks should be sweet!

It is crazy to hear about everyone getting their calls. That is so sweet. I'm jealous Jessie is going to DR, but not that jealous, I'm in Bly vegas! haha I taught this week on prayer, it went very well. I was able to get a recent convert to bear her testimony, and by the end basically everyone in the lesson was in tears. It was incredible.

So the picture of the kids on Elder Boices hump day were the Rich children. The pictures I am sending this week are of l) the little hoodlums we balled up with the other day, and then the one of the guy in the picture....get actual photograph of the prophet Joseph Smith....yep.

I e-mailed Robbie and Thomas and got their addresses an heard back from both of them, so I will be writing them. Everything else is goin well... hopefully we have us a baptism this weekend!!! pray for us.

I saw my blog, I cant believe you didn't mention the truck grill on the wall as part of "being a redneck!!" ha ha The PJ's were in the apt. when I got here. haha Elder Boise's comp put them on the first night he was here, e. Boise put them on the first night I was here, so I kept the tradition alive! haha The picture of the t shirt is our mission t shirt, notice the tie going out one window and the book of Mormon being held out the other haha and the license plate.. "alrm" (Arkansas little rock mission)

My new comp is more of a BYU fan but not a fanatic either way. Elder Boise is still our district leader so we see him once a week at least. The BYU news hit hard here, except that Elder Boice was told that it was Jimmer that got booted, so he told me that and I didn't hear otherwise for a few days haha it was pretty crazy. We had a lesson in Priesthood on honor though, and it was all based on that story, it was pretty cool.

We have been reading up on the second coming lately, stuff like Armageddon and Jerusalem having a temple and whatnot... anywho, the other night there was an earthquake, and I was sleeping on the floor so it woke me up and at the same time a car drove by or something and a light came through the windows on the east side of the house and I was absolutely positive (since i was pretty much out of it) that it was the second coming. I was sooo pumped haha but then it all stopped and I went back to sleep. pretty anticlimactic night... funny though

I didn't get my new shoes yet, they ran out of my size, soon though and I will send pic's.

Love to all,
Elder Nelson

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