Monday, March 21, 2011

March 21, 2011

hey yall!

Yhis week was pretty awesome. Veronica was baptized, and it was an awesome baptism. We were talking about it with bishop, and about the special spirit that comes with someone from mexico/south america accepting the gospel, because it was their ancestors who are the people in the book of mormon, it was pretty cool. I didnt get any pictures because things were running late, but Elder Adams got a picture of her and her mom, so i will have him print one off for me and send it home, it is pretty funny with them when I teach gospel principles because they both speak spanish and have spanish copies of el libro de mormon,haha and the spanish gp book so they read in spanish when it is their turn, it is pretty funny. Weird thing is that I can somehow understand them when they speak spanish... not very well. but I can understand what they are saying, it is pretty cool.

So we had a bomb week teaching wise, we ended up teaching 25 lessons, which is the most either of us have had on our mission. We were able to find this girl named dajae (daysha) that Elder Boice and I met back in January and hadn't been able to meet again. But we saw her and taught her some more, she started reading the book of mormon every night and then she and her sisters came to church with us yesterday. They asked us to come by last night to talk some more and we met her mom and she is planning on coming with all of her kids. (like 6 of them) haha so we are glad about that. Hopefully we can get them into the font!

We also had an awesome lesson with phillip foster. We were talking about the word of wisdom, and basically I asked him if he would throw away all his cigaretts, ash trays, lighters, and whatnot, he went and got all his stuff and threw the ash trays accross the street and got rid of everything, it was awesome. He didn't show up to church yesterday but we think that he went to the wrong church, because we went to wake him up and he was all ready to go, but never showed up. .. he will eventually though. he wants to get baptized but we have to get him to church...

A few cool stories this week, I got my life threatened twice, it was cool. First story though, some guy came by and asked us if we were from "pimp my ride" it was pretty funny. Then we had some crazy lady come up and start yelling at us. basically she got up in my face and started yelling that she had been "called by god to kill you, I have been called of god to shoot you" it was nuts. I thanked her for preaching to us, and got the freak out of there haha Then we were teaching this other lady and this guy came out and basically started yelling at me. "I'm going to get my gun and shoot you, and lets see if god will forgive me for that..." it was nuts, we actually ended up having a bomb lesson with him though... dont ask me how??

everything is goin well though, my shoes should come today. I love yall. Thank you for all of your support, and prayers.
love elder nelson

ps. Oh, this dude named Doug kissed me on the hand, and kissed Elder Adams on the cheek this week, most action we will get for 2 years. haha very sad!!!

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