Monday, May 9, 2011

Dirty Rotten Trick on Mother's Day!

We anxiously awaited our "Mother's Day" call for weeks. Unfortunately for me, I got laryngitis and had completely lost my voice. When we arrived home from church we had a message from our missionary. "We had missed his call" It simply said "Weather too bad to call back, I love you all and Happy Mother's day, talk to you at Christmas"... I fell apart!!! I called the number back that he had called from and left a message that between my squeaky, horse voice and tears, sounded pretty sad indeed.

An hour later, he called back... His message was just a joke (nice to see he still has his sense of humor) and told us that was the saddest message he had ever heard.

We had a wonderful visit, and were overwhelmed at his growth, his testimony and his love for his mission, companions and the wonderful people of the South. He is still our fun loving son, but with a great depth of maturity and love for the gospel.

He was filled with stories of the spirit, evacuating members from the flooding, wading through a trailer park to help people in thigh deep sewage water. (they found that after the fact), and receiving a "tornado warning call" directly from President Drewes, instructing them to get inside and take cover.

My Mother's Day was complete (dirty trick and all)!!!

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