Monday, May 23, 2011

May 23, 2011

Hey Family,

So I did something really stupid yesterday... "I think"? There is a recent convert and she has gone through some crazy stuff while joining the church. Coolest lady ever, anyway her entire life was in a storage shed and they were going to give it all away if she didn't pay... Well I told you how I had a slush fund saved up... Well, I gave it all away...haha I won't say how much, but it wa a lot. It looks like Elder Badger and I won't be going to the Rendezvous to eat after all...we had planned on doing it today, but no more money?? haha

That is so awesome that Dave Sturt is now the Stake President. That is really cool and will be cool coming home with him as the Pres.

Mom, I loved what you said about that talk in conf. and about the missionaries who "DO" compared to those who "Become", compared to those who don't do anything. We have been talking a lot lately about the term "returned missionary" and decided it is the biggest load of crap ever haha, There are so many missionaries that go home the same person they came out as, that spend their days napping instead of working. It is really sad.

Anywho, this week we actually had a baptism, a girl name Kierra . She has been taught for like 4 months, but would never commit to baptism, but we went by to see her the first day I was in Frayser and had a good lesson with her, but then things just didn't work out to see her forever. We just didn't feel like we should go by. Then like 5 weeks later we had some things fall through and I felt like we should stop by, and we walked up to her and she just asked us "when are you holding another baptism"? It was super cool. Some stuff had happened in her life to prepare her. She is one of the coolest ladies ever... I was able to confirm her yesterday and that was super cool as well. We were also finally able to confirm Star after like 5 weeks. She has been going through some hard stuff. Her family has fallen apart because of her joining the church, but she stood strong, and was finally able to make it to sacrament. It was a relief.

Not much else going on here, just living the dream haha We are fittin to do some park tour today, and I can now do a back flip off a tree...pretty cool!!!

I love you guys, thanks for all your support,
Love Elder Nelson

Oh ps. The pictures: The one with us holding sticks...we caught a raccoon with a piece of yarn, and we are trying to free it from the yarn, haha it was epic. Then the one with Elder Boice in it is my lineage. Elder Boice is training again. (the Elder on the right) so I have a baby brother, and then the Elder on the left is my Uncle haha so we had to get a family photo. I don't know what else I sent out, but there are the explanations for those.

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