Monday, May 2, 2011

May 2, 2011

what up family!
The storms have been pretty nuts. We have been hoping to see a tornado, they have been happening all around us, but not where we can see it. There has been some terrible flooding in the area though. We have been helping out members, quite a few have been evacuated and others weren't and should have been, so we have been doing quite a bit there. We don't really have much going on missionary wise, things have been slow since our last baptism. The mission has some serious ups and downs, but last night we decided randomly to go see this guy we had met and had an awesome lesson, seems like every time the work gets slow and I get discouraged we have an awesome lesson that cheers me up. Hopefully this guy Zach comes along, he is pretty cool.
The flooding was so bad yesterday that they just had the sacrament and then sent everybody home, so we were only at church for like half an hour.
1. yes we got the package. and everyone told me to tell you thank you. we all wore our purple ties on Easter. got made fun of pretty good for being matching. but who cares... baptisms this week. probably wont have one till at least the 21st
3. investigators are slim right now, but we have been doing some finding to fix that.
4. next week we will probably call at like 3 or 4 our time, because we have church from 10 to 1. So i guess any time from 2 to 5 haha sorry. things are crazy.
5. we get to play quite a bit of basketball. we get together every Tuesday night and invite people in the area to come play. and then every day after lunch we shoot around for a bit.
Elder badger and I played some guys at the park the other day in our proc. it was pretty sweet, we decided we could take any two guys in Fraser. hands down.
6. p days we do random stuff. we went biking one day, we play ball sometimes and today one of the members who's son we helped move, is taking us out to eat and then we are going to play risk at the stake center.
7. we get to go to the temple like once a month. that is the only time missionaries are allowed to go. our work is with the living haha
8. we have a couple dinner appts each week. there are some awesome people in the ward.. we have a guy named "amen Charles" who just hollers out amen and hallelujah through peoples talks. and people cussin out their kids during sacrament. its pretty crazy haha and very different from home.
9.The area I am in is supposed to be the most ghetto in the mission. it is a lot like the south side of blytheville. I think more people have jobs here. but not by much.

i love you guys. hope all is well
love elder Nelson

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