Monday, January 30, 2012

January 30, 2012


This week has been weird! I can't believe that Elder Boice is home. When I came into the field, he was 10 1/2 months out, now he is gone... haha really weird! I learned so much from that dang kid, I really don't know how I would have made it my first two transfers of my mission if I had been trained by anyone else.

Anywho, this week was pretty cool.. We knocked a ton of doors and found some really cool people. We were supposed to have like 7 people to church...none of them showed, that is what we used to refer to as the famous Blytheville let down. It's all good though, we are going to keep working with them and good things should happen.

So ya, President Petersen called me on Monday, and called me as District Leader. I'm over the youngest district in the mission. We have 3 new missionaries, and the oldest missionary besides me has only been out 8 months. They are all grew missionaries though. My District consists of the sisters serving in Jackson, the Elders in Dyersburg, and us. Each week I will prepare a district meeting, we just discuss the work and other stuff, as well, each Sunday the other areas will call in to me and report their numbers of the week, I record them and then call the zone leaders down in Frayser and report to them. I as well will go on exchanges with Dyersburg at least once a transfer. Normally I would with all the areas in the district, but since the Jackson missionaries are Sisters, I won't be going down there, It will be pretty cool. I have been a little stressed about preparing District meetings, but I'm excited for it. I get the same feelings as when I was first out and preparing to teach Gospel principles each week. It scared me to death but that was one of the things that helped me a lot in learning to teach, so I know that this will help me grow as well. I will also perform the baptismal interviews for those being baptized in Dyersburg and in Jackson. I'm excited for that, I have heard that baptismal interviews are great experiences.

This week Kollin Newhouse came to church in a white shirt and tie and passed the sacrament again, it is so cool seeing recent converts begin to get involved in the church. Briana also sang in their sacrament meeting down in Jackson. I haven't heard how it went, but still awesome that she was able to do that.

At church one of the members started talking about how I needed to run for president, she got quite a few members to agree with it. Haha. And I was thinking back because for some reason I have had so many people tell me things I should be when I grow far the ones I remember are... President, preacher, pilot, surgeon, Pediatrician, comedian, sports therapist, model ???
Janitor, talk show host, sports analyst, astronaut, fire fighter, police officer, motivational speaker, mountain man, actor, pyro technician, professor... Haha and there have been many others... I think the one that suits me best is janitor. I'm really good at unclogging toilets. Oh! And I was told I need to be a boxer... I really have no idea where all these came from, but ya,don't even know why I'm telling you about it either.

Love y'all,
Elder Nelson

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